Based in Nice, France, Ruth Lake has over twenty five years experience as a consultant and trainer in the Management Development area. Her fields of expertise include:

  • Cross Cultural Team Building
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Influencing Across the Organization
  • Effective Communications
  • Managing People & Performance Management
  • Managing Conflict & Dealing with Difficult People
  • Intercultural Negotiations
  • Effective Presentations
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Leadership for Women
  • Delivering Customer Focused Quality of Service


Certifications and Qualifications

MBTI : Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Step 1 and 2, Oxford Psychologists Press, Oxford, U.K., certified in this well known personality test and widely used psychometric and co-author of the first book in Italian on the use of this tool for teams and business environments.

FIRO B- Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation; Behavior, psychometric tool which examines interpersonal needs, Oxford Psychologists Press, Oxford, U.K.

LEA, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, certified in this 360° tool administered by MRG (Management Research Group) in London, U.K. in December 2006

Intercultural Simulations for International Teams, attended training with Thiagi, Winterthur, Switzerland

Ie5: Emotional Intelligence questionnaire, ARU consulting, Lugano, Switzerland, used in Executive coaching.
Mannaz 360°, certified in the 360° tool utilized by Mannaz (formerly DIEU) the Danish Leadership Institute, Copenhagen, November 2007

Certified in Conflict Mediation by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London), CEDR International Summer School at Lake Maggiore, Stresa, Italy

Situational Leadership and High Performing Teams, certified by the Italian affiliate of Blanchard Training and Development, ISSO, Milan, Italy

Targeted Selection, DDI, trained in interviews for behaviorally based selection methodology, Geneva, Switzerland

Cultural Detective Certification, a practical tool to enable manager to build bridges across cultural divides, January 2008, Paris, France

International Profiler Certification, used in Executive coaching to provide individuals with structured feedback on the energy, emphasis and attention on 22 variables involving competence in international and intercultural behaviors, January 2012, Bologna, Italy

Portland Institute in Intercultural Communications, attended advanced seminars in international team building techniques held by Charles Renwick and by Diane Hofner Saphiere, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

She has worked extensively for multinationals as well as small and medium sized enterprises in the private sector in addition to conducting many seminars in the public and cooperative sector.

After working full time with two different major consultancy and training organizations in Italy for seven years, she established her own company in 1991, Focus Consultants International.

Ruth conducts business seminars and executive coaching in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French. Based in Nice, France since 2012 she also has a good command of French and has done coaching and observation of group dynamics in French.

She has often worked as part of a Pan European faculty team delivering training in Italian, Spanish and in English as part of companywide efforts to deliver a consistent message across European and International boundaries.

Working in four languages brings the added advantage of being able to see diverse regions of a company’s operations and to promote a cross fertilization of ideas across national and cultural boundaries.

Insights Discovery Personality Profiles: certified in this personality profile tool, used to promote effective team communications.